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Home for the original

We strive on representing every variety of music from our area. From Rock to Rap, Country to Jazz, we host it all. What makes us stand out in the crowd of bars and venues in the Riverbend area is not only do we host original acts, we prefer it. 



The Conservatory was established in 2020 by Alton locals Justin Level, Caleb Lewis, and Jay 'Hart' Stanley. Jay, who owns Lighthouse Sounds, an Alton recording studio, was looking for an addition to a new studio space. That addition was to include a small venue at the new location. Justin, who had been booking and playing shows in the area for over a decade was brought on board to head up day to day operations. After a while of searching the decision was made to look for a separate building for the venue. Caleb, owner of Moon Drops Wellness, also an Alton business, joined the team shortly after to complete the power trio. After some searching and a little dumb luck, they were able to acquire the location at 554 East Broadway. 



Our goal from day one has been to give anyone with the drive and the passion to play live the opportunity to do so. Sometimes that means going against the grain and trying new things. We look for the weird, wild, and different. Our area has way too many awesome personalties to not have a home for.  

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