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Booking Info

Please Read our Terms & Conditions  before filling out the booking request form below.

  1. Booking Process:

    • All booking inquiries must be submitted through the venue's official channels, such as email or a booking form on the venue's website.

    • Booking requests should include details such as the name of the band or artist, genre, desired date(s) of performance, expected attendance, and any special requirements.

  2. Availability and Confirmation:

    • Booking dates are subject to availability and are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.

    • The venue will confirm the booking and provide a contract outlining the terms and conditions once both parties have agreed on the details.

  3. Performance Guidelines:

    • Performances must comply with local laws and regulations regarding noise levels, capacity limits, and safety standards.

    • Artists are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to treat venue staff, equipment, and property with respect.

  4. Promotion and Ticketing:

    • Artists are encouraged to promote their performances through their own channels and social media platforms.

    • The venue may assist with promotion through its website, social media, and email newsletters.

    • Ticket prices and sales strategies are determined in collaboration between the venue and the artist, with consideration for factors such as audience size and demand.

  5. Sound and Equipment:

    • The venue will provide basic sound equipment and technical support, including microphones, amplifiers, and a sound engineer.

    • Artists may request additional equipment or technical services in advance, subject to availability and additional fees.

  6. Load-In and Load-Out:

    • Artists are responsible for their own load-in and load-out of equipment and merchandise.

    • The venue will provide designated times for load-in and soundcheck prior to the performance and for load-out afterward.

  7. Alcohol and Beverages:

    • The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages are subject to local laws and regulations.

    • Artists and attendees must adhere to age restrictions and responsible drinking practices.

  8. Safety and Security:

    • The venue is equipped with fire exits, emergency lighting, and other safety features in compliance with local building codes.

    • Artists and attendees are expected to follow venue staff instructions in case of emergencies.

  9. Merchandise and Sales:

    • Artists may sell merchandise during their performance, subject to the venue's approval and any applicable sales taxes or permits.

    • The venue may provide a designated area for merchandise sales, and a percentage of sales may be retained by the venue as agreed upon in the contract.

  10. Cancellation and Refunds:

    • In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling, the venue and the artist will work together to find a suitable solution, which may include rescheduling the performance or issuing refunds to ticket holders.

  11. Any deposits or advance payments may be subject to forfeiture in the event of cancellation by the artist without reasonable cause.

Booking Request Form

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